Dear ECOT Students,

This message will serve as a formal notification that The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow will discontinue ECOT Connect ( as of 8/31/2015.

This school year, ECOT is excited to announce that each returning ECOT student will be receiving a tablet to be used in conjunction with their ECOT provided computer. Tablets will be sent out later this fall.

All tablets will have the ability to access new non-ECOT websites along with certain types of social media in order to provide ECOT students with new and exciting opportunities. Students will still be able to interact with friends via ECOT Club webpages and ECOT hosted events throughout the state.

We advise that you remove any information (pictures, contact information, etc.) you may want to save before 8/31/2015 from your ECOT Connect profile.

If you have any questions, please contact ECOT’s Help Desk at 1-877-430-4542


The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow